102nd Entry

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The "Ton Twos"
Arrived Halton: 19th September  1962
Passed Out: 4th August 1965
3 Wing and 1 Wing
Notable Events
Our entry prank was to put detergent in the Trafalgar Square fountains which created a satisfying fog of foam down London's West End and was reported in "The Sun" (photo) of Monday March 15th 1965. See Georges Brown's testimony!
Churchill's Funeral, Jan '65. A detachment near the head of the procession and routeliners.
102nd Association
 We have been meeting  over the last 35 years or so and our last reunion to commemorate  the 50th anniversary of our Pass Out  was an evening dining experience on The Countess of Evesham barge at Stratford-upon-Avon.

The Entry paper records held at Trenchard Museum have been digitised and uploaded to the RAFHAA site please email me for the password. Any entry members who have not joined the Association please contact our secretary, Paul Hern, e-mail: hernpaulbb@gmail.com
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Please send (address given on request) any comment, hints, tips and 102nd material (stories, anecdotes, photos, etc).  Any originals will be returned on request.  This site is kept relatively simple, functional and free of clipart, buttons, graphics, bells and whistles etc due to being a rigger limited beginner!  We have interactive  content  at Oldhaltonians website on Ning (PAID ACCESS!) on our group page there, along with many photos on the site members’ individual pages. Join us there by scrolling down the site homepage until you see the various groups and our entry shield.  We also have a closed Facebook group at :-  

https://www.facebook.com/groups/398944210555603/    where most of the comment now is, as it’s FREE!  You  will need your own personal FB account to access this group.